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By taking European Delivery, you can realize substantial savings on the purchase price of your new BMW.

Discover the timeless grace

BMW’s European Delivery Program combines the excitement of exploring...

Your Checklist

The European Delivery Department must have your Purchase Order a minimum of 30-days prior to your pick up date. Purchase Orders are done here in the U.S. I send it on to BMW for your convenience. If your dealer hasn't..

Ultimate luxury tour packages

Your tour begins at Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport where you’ll be met and driven to the BMW Welt or the Bayerischer Hof, a family-owned historic hotel.


After your order is received by BMW of North America, confirmation of your delivery date and specifications will me mailed to you and your center. Full payment is required a minimum of 14 days before delivery or as soon as your VIN is available. Ask me directly about...

The home of sheer driving pleasure

You are looking forward to your new BMW. What could be better? Perhaps one thing: The day you receive your new car.